Corporate Identity and Web/App Design

Corporate Identity and Web/App Design Creative innovation strategies and new digital tolos.





Key Capital is the European leader in equity derivatives and the main Spanish manager of asset volatility. It also conducts M&A processes for large companies, carries out independent assessments, advises on capital markets, and more. The aim of our project with Key Capital was to express its values, philosophy and business style through a new corporate identity and website. These would then be the main image it would showcase to the world. The main concern here was to ensure that the client’s core value remained clear and visible: Key Capital is a financial agency that offers a different perspective of the business, with first-class human resources and innovative technology that bring professionalism and transparency to every part of its work.


  • We designed Key Capital’s new website while renewing its entire corporate identity.
  • Creativity, responsive design, usability and SEO positioning were the cornerstones of our proposal. And while we were launching its website, we got to work on a new logo and image and all the other elements that represent its current corporate identity for various online and offline media (cards, signatures, company presentations and a wide array of stationery).
  • All this was also reflected in the app we created for their Key Capital OCHO investment fund. This bilingual Spanish-English app allows clients to follow the daily performance of their portfolios on the stock exchange and includes different displays (assets by country, sector, etc.), as well as news related to the fund, investment tips and the fair value of securities.


Key Capital has positioned itself as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge financial agencies on the market.

SERVICES: Web design and apps, definition of content architecture and key functionalities. Redesigns for corporate images and identity manuals.