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How is it possible to capture a user’s attention when media saturation is at an all-time high? Can a brand still communicate and form an emotional bond with their audience? And is there a way to innovate and make communication more effective? With these questions in mind, we took on the challenge of creating a digital magazine for drivers of Ford cars.


  • For customers and users of Ford, we created GoFord Magazine. This is a digital publication linked to a CRM segmentation strategy that was aimed at establishing an emotional and personal bond between Ford and audiences in Spain and Portugal. The technological capability to personalize messages according to customer profiles was a key feature of this project, which lasted 7 years.
  • This platform was also used by fleet customers, with a special spin-off publication called GoFord Empresas. In it, large companies, SMEs, and public bodies were offered the services of Ford vehicles through the personalized offers of Ford Credit.
  • In addition to this, we created a Loyalty Program for new buyers of Ford models that was segmented into a series of launches. This was a month-long conversation during which customers receive personalized newsletters that contain a welcome pack, tutorial videos on the new technology of their vehicle for driver assistance and safety, newspaper clippings highlighting everything the press was saying about their new car and an initial glimpse at the advantages offered by the after sales department.
  • Finally, we provide Ford with scripting, photography, video and professional editing services for different events, as well as press kits for the launch of new vehicle models at a European level.


  • Since 2013 Ford Motor Company has trusted us to carry out a variety of content strategies: digital magazines, product presentations, the GoFord Magazine, and its 100% original content blog with a high standard of quality.
  • The publication of GoFord Magazine was sent quarterly to the entire database of Ford drivers in Spain and Portugal.
  • We have participated with exceptional results in strategies for the release of new generations of Focus, Kuga and EcoSport.

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